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Bonnie Wins a Major Artcar Award

On a sleepy Sunday morning this past April artcar artists from around the country gathered at Smither Park on Houston’s south side for one last farewell party, a swansong to bring to a close the annual celebration of artcars in Houston. It was the awards ceremony, the last in a week long celebration of artcars and the artists who drive them. Most were there however for the free mimosas and breakfast tacos provided by event organizer The Orange Show. There’s only one award that everyone is interested in, the Brother Brian Bryan Memorial Award, or BBBMA for short. The Heisman Trophy of artcar awards as some have called it, it’s awarded annually by the Houston Artcar Klub (HACK) to the artcar artist who “walks the walk and talks the talk all throughout the year.” First awarded in 2004 the winners list is a who’s who among artcar luminaries and this year they’ve added our Bonnie Blue’s name to that list.

Houston Artcar Klub

For Bonnie winning the BBBMA is especially gratifying because it’s voted on by her artcar artist peers in the Houston Artcar Klub. Bonnie tells us she is “honored to win the award.” Showing her humility Bonnie goes on to say “I am so humbled to be able to have my name listed among all the great artcar artists that have gone before me.” And to all of her friends in HACK she wants to say “a big thank you to all who voted for me.” No Bonnie, Thank you. You’ve won and it’s richly deserved.


Who is Brother Brian Bryan? According to former HACK president Bryan Taylor he “was one of Houston’s true eccentric secrets. A participant in the very first Houston Art Car Parade way back in 1988.” Taylor tells us “BrianBryan became famous as the “Tie Guy”. He would always have a bag of ties on him and would give them out willy nilly to any who would accept them. He also began to make things with them, such as a car cover for his VW Bug. His tie clothes, and fashion accessories were worn by many in the Houston area at one time or another. His yellow VW covered with odd geometric shapes and random squiggles was a mainstay on Houston by-ways for well over a decade. A daily driver by the strictest definition Brother Brian Bryan walked the walk and talked the talk. Brother Brian Bryan passed away in 2003. He is still greatly missed by many old timers who fondly remember his oddity and hijinks. In 2004 HACK created the Brother Brian Bryan Memorial Award in his honor to, as Bryan Taylor says “recognize the meritorious service of a member of the Klub for devotion to the Klub, art cars and going above and beyond in promoting the positive ideals of an art car daily driver lifestyle to the community at large.”

Bonnie Blue Creates Fun Art

Bonnie Blue is available to come to your next event. Call her now at 713-649-6931. If you want to make an impression at your next get together, corporate event, wedding reception, holiday party book Bonnie now. A Bonnie Blue Caricature from your event is a keepsake your guests will cherish for a long time to come. Landee Hoffman who hired Bonnie Blue for her wedding reception had this to say “More than a year later I still see their rocks proudly displayed at various places in their homes, on a piano, a mantle or even a decorative basket. Makes me feel really good knowing my money wasn’t wasted and our guest really liked and appreciated the gift.”

Dad's Rock

My father passed away last week. I’ve spent a lot of time with him these past few weeks as he passed on to his journey into the next life. I think about how he’s supported me in my own journey here in this life. When I first got the idea to paint people on rocks some 15 years ago my dad was my biggest supporter. He encouraged me and my dream by ordering rocks for all his kids and grandkids too. he also ordered lots of my rock star rocks. Thanks dad for believing in me. You helped give me the courage to walk into my own unusual calling as Bonnie Blue, the rock lady! If your dad is still in your life I encourage you to give him a call and tell him you love him.

Teen Caricature Party

Bonnie Blue recently painted caricatures for kids at an end of school year party at Lamar High School. The kids loved the caricatures!

Bonnie Blue Paints Houses

Bonnie was recently hired by Al Ross Luxury Homes to paint a portrait of their latest custom built home as a housewarming gift to the new homeowners who bought the home. “I painted this with a folk art flair” Bonnie says. And it turned out beautifully. A great compliment to the home. Here’s a great idea for all you Real Estate agents out there. What would make a better thank you gift to your clients than a Bonnie Blue portrait?

Art That Makes U Smile

On Saturday, May 21, Bonnie Blue invites you to her Celebration of Art. The party runs from 5 til 10 pm. There will be Hors D’oeuvres, Wine, Door Prizes and other Surprises including a live band. Bonnie will have Folk Art, Fine Art, Island Art and other goodies on display and for sale. Both of her artcars will be there for you to see. The famous Women that Rocks artcar and the beautiful Zena the Mermaid artcar too. Other artcars will also be there including Amy Lynch Kolflat’s fabulous Z-Bra Mobile. Everything will be set up under a large palapa in the host and hostess’ back yard. Bonnie wants all of her wonderful friends and fans to be there. And if you have one, bring your artcar. Bonnie will provide special parking for her artcar friends. This is going to be quite a party, you’re not going to want to miss it.Check out these cool Prince Rocks that will be available at the show! A word about the Host and hostess for the party, Ralph Fellows and Teri O’Shea. Ralph is a retired OSI agent for the Air Force. He now works for the Pasadena school District as a computer IT specialist. Teri is a Forensic Investigator for the Medical Examiner for Harris County. Their friendship with Bonnie Blue spans four decades. Bonnie has pledged that a portion of the proceeds from this show will go to the Artcar Tile Project to defray the out of pocket expenses of Amy Lynch. “I wanted to have something to do with the Smither Park project,”Bonnie says, “but I couldn’t get involved because what I do is paint and they want tile mosaics. So this is a way for me to get involved and be a part of a wonderful, amazing project that I believe in.” She is involved in a big way, painting over 100 tiles. And you will too if you make a purchase at this show. You can read more about the tile project Here.

A Tactile Art Experience for the Blind

Each year as part of the Houston Artcar Weekend the artcars perform an outreach to places where there are people who might not otherwise be able to experience the Artcar Parade firsthand. It’s called The Main Street Drag and it takes the artcars out to schools in impoverished areas, senior centers and most importantly for Bonnie Blue, the Lighthouse, a residence for the blind. “I always volunteer to be on the route that goes to The Center and The Lighthouse” Bonnie says. She loves showing the residents the various sculptural features and watching their reactions as they use their  hands to see the car. “This is the best part of artcar weekend for me.” Keep spreading smiles across the miles.


Galveston Artwalk This Saturday

Big doings from Bonnie Blue this weekend. She will be the featured artist at the Peanutbutter Warehouse in Galveston’s historic Strand District. Bonnie will be debuting some special pieces created in her newest medium Gulf Coast Sand. Come to the Island to celebrate the sun and sand and take home a little bit of Galveston with you to always remind you of the special times.

It’s going to be a really great party down at the Peanutbutter warehouse. There will be musical acts performing, door prizes, live art demonstrations, two bars will be serving drinks, and wine and complimentary snacks will be available throughout the building. And Bonnie tells us she will be giving away small pieces of signed art. Fun! And as a special added bonus Bonnie’s awesome artcar Zena the Mermaid will be on display.

As I said, this is a big deal for our Bonnie Blue. To be the featured artist at Artwalk is a vindication of many years being overlooked. “This is the work of my hands, my thoughts and my heart. I have been declined from more art shows than I want to admit to, juried shows don’t see my work as art for some reason. But it has brought thousands of smiles to countless onlookers and that’s enough for me!”

These are some of the pieces Bonnie will have on exhibit at the event.

Get Yer Butt Rockin'

Get Yer Butt Rockin'

What a fun new piece from Bonnie Blue. She calls it Nothing Butt Friends. It depicts a trio of ladies sitting on a bench watching the ocean waves crash upon the beach. Wearing skimpy bikinis and fancy hats to protect their fair skin from the blazing sun, these three friends are having a relaxed conversation, their toes in the sand. The only thing missing are the margaritas and daiquiris which are no doubt sitting just outside the frame.

These three are all very different. They’re different in their style. They differ in skin tone and body type and height. One thing they share in common though, they all have Rockin’ Butts!

Contact Bonnie at 713/649-6931 if you want to purchase this painting or one similar to it.

Art Opening This Saturday

Next Saturday our Bonnie Blue, along with two other talented local artists Claudia Powell, and Ronnie Moreno will all be participating in an special show at the residence of a private collector. Jewelry designer Rhonda Baldry will also be on hand showing her wares.

There will be Door Prizes, complimentary Hors d’oeuvres and Wine. Bonnie has some very special pieces reserved for this show. Come check it out.

Austin Fence Mural

Our Bonnie Blue says “It’s a great time of year for doing murals.” Ain’t it the truth. It’s winter in Texas which means warm days and cool nights, low humidity. It’s perfect weather, basically. So it’s safe to say that you are spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying the break from the Texas heat. Bonnie Blue loves to work outside when the weather is so nice. Here’s a mural she did in Austin recently. It’s a 100 ft long fence in the backyard of an Austin home that’s a part of the Austin Weird Homes tour. It’s a whimsical look at life under the ocean with dolphins and mermaids, killer whale’s and a sea lion guarding a chest filled with gold.   “Bring Art Outside For All to Enjoy!”

Contact Bonnie directly at 713/649-6931 if you are interested in having her create a mural for your home or business. Perfect for a restaurant with an outdoor patio.

Bonnie Blue and the Red Hat Society

Our Bonnie Blue traveled to Lake Charles last week at the request of the local Red Hat Society to participate in their Mardi Gras festivities. Bonnie met up with dozens of Red Hat ladies and had a great time. She gave the Keynote address at their Gala Ball and drove her famous Women that Rock artcar in the Mardi Gras Parade. She rolled second in the parade trailing only the Grand Marshall pulling a trailer full of 30 raucous Red Hat Ladies.

The Red Hat Ladies of Lake Charles left an impression on Bonnie and she on them. For this year’s Houston Artcar Parade coming up in April she will be spotlighting the Red Hat Society and a bunch of the Lake Charles Krewe will be heading down to join in the fun. They are even going to fit the Women that Rock artcar with a giant red hat.

Bonnie Blue, House Painter

After Bonnie Blue painted her own house last year she has started getting offers to paint other people’s houses as well. Just recently she painted an exterior wall of a house overlooking the backyard pool. Check out these before and after photos that show the stark contrast. Before, black and dreary, after, bright and cheery.


Bring Your Pet to the Mardi Gras Pet Parade

How’s this for a fun time. Bring your pet down to Galveston Island this Saturday for the Mardi Gras Pet Pet Parade. While you’re there swing on by the Peanut Butter Warehouse and have Bonnie Blue paint your little guy on a Texas river rock. The parade starts at 1. Bonnie will be at PBW from 11-3.

WTR Artcar Back on the Road

It may have crossed your mind that you haven’t seen the Women that Rocks artcar on the streets in awhile. That’s because for the past year Mechanical issues have had her on the sidelines. But look out because she’s back on the road now and ready to continue her mission of empowering women. A huge thank you to Bonnie’s devoted husband and mechanical genius Robert for making the necessary repairs.

2015 was a year of rest, but 2016 is starting off with a bang. Today Bonnie is heading out to Baton Rouge for a women’s convention where she is scheduled to speak. Exciting! We’re looking forward to seeing you on the road spreading smiles across the miles.


The Reason for the Season

Bonnie Blue doesn’t do too many religious pieces so when she does you better snatch them up quick. In honor of this holiday season she has created a few pieces that remind us what Christmas is all about.

Restore Your Photos

Bonnie Blue has been restoring photos in Houston for over 30 years. She is the best in the business. If you have an old photo of a loved one that need to be restored contact Bonnie, she’s the person to see. A restored photo of a precious memory makes a perfect Christmas gift.

Puppy Dawgs and Cat Tails

Bonnie Blue spent a productive day painting her famous “Pet Rocks” today at Puppy Dawg and Cat Tails in Brenham. “I was slammed” Bonnie says. A whole lot of happy customers walked away with a wonderful keepsake and you can too. Contact Bonnie and get your pet on a rock.

Bonnie Blue is Available for Christmas Parties

Bonnie Blue still has a few dates free for Christmas parties. Turn your Christmas party into a magic event with Bonnie Blue. She will paint a caricature of all your guest on a Texas River Rock. She also does caricatures on a variety of other mediums such as Wine Bottles, or even paper. Whatever medium you choose, your guest will be sure to remember your party for a long time to come. Bonnie works corporate events as well as private affairs. Contact Bonnie Blue to book your party today. Her number is 713-649-6931.

Rockin' Manger Scenes

Just in time for Christmas Bonnie Blue is offering her unique take on the nativity. These Rockin’ Manger Scenes feature Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus wrapped in Swaddling Clothes. All painted on hand selected Texas River Rocks for the low price of $18 per set.

Bonnie Blue Rock Caricatures - The Perfect Wedding Reception Thank You Gift

Like every father of the Bride, Lande Hoffman wanted his daughter’s wedding to be a perfect experience that she would cherish forever. A huge factor in creating the perfect experience is to show gratitude towards the guests who have come to witness the holy union and celebrate the bond that God has created. Mr. Hoffman turned to Bonnie Blue. He spent four months collecting photographs from each of the 150 wedding guests and Bonnie painted a custom Rockin’ Caricature for each of the scheduled guest. Needless to say the rocks were a huge hit. “It was amazing.” Hoffmnan said. “Literally everyone loved the rocks and wanted to know all about them.” Hoffman went on to say the owner of the venue where the reception took place loved the rocks too and has placed Bonnie on their list of preferred options to show potential wedding clients. So, next time your planning a big Suarez, be it a wedding reception, a graduation or retirement party, or any other type of event where you want to leave your guests with a strong impression, give Bonnie Blue a call. She’ll work with you to insure that your guests remember your event for a long time to come with a smile on their face and a warm feeling in their heart.

Gen's Antiques

Did you know that you can find Art by Bonnie Blue for sale at Gen’s Antiques in the Heights? It’s true! A selection of Bonnie’s pieces have been added to Gen’s collection of Antique home furnishings!

Come shop Gen’s Antiques at 540 W 19th Street!

New Signs!!!

Bonnie Blue’s signs are a hit. She brought them out for White Linen Night and All Signs Sold! So Bonnie has been busy crafting a new batch of signs, each a unique, fun, happy piece that will brighten any room in your house.

Contact Bonnie for pricing!

Peanutbutter Warehouse Grand Opening

Hello friends of Bonnie Blue! This It’s Grand Opening time at the historic Peanutbutter Warehouse. This venerable institution, which has been closed since it sustained damage in Hurricane Ike 6 years ago finally reopned it’s doors to the public back in July. Our Bonnie Blue will be there with a huge selection of her one of a kind pieces for sale. She has a large booth filled with her artwork and select pieces have been positioned throughout the showroom. Bonnie painted several new pieces especially for this show, including this funky cool octopus (18×62 on vintage window). You can take it home for only $195. Door Prizes! Door Prizes! Door Prizes! Did we mention there would be Door prizes? There will also be finger food for you to nosh on and the wine will flow freely. You’re not going to want to miss this. Get your weekend started early because this is going to be a rocking mid week party on the Island. The big event takes place tomorrow night (August 13) between the hours of 5 and 7 pm. The Peanutbutter Warehouse is located in the Historic Strand district on Galveston Island. The address is 100 20th. St. Galveston, TX, 77550.

All Signs Sold

Signs have become a big seller for Bonnie Blue. Recently, at the White Linen Night she filled her booth with signs and by the end of the night they were all gone. All signs sold. Don’t worry, she’s making more. Contact Bonnie today to get yours.
This art collector from Austin purchased two of bonnie’s signs.

That Texas sign is gonna look great on someone’s wall.

 Bonnie’s Cheeky Chicks and Bra Babes attracted a great deal of attention.

Portrait of Hollywood Actor Tommy Townsend

Bonnie Blue is very well known for her caricatures. It’s the bread and butter of her art business. Consequently, she doesn’t talk as much about her fine portrait work. Every now and again she’s asked to draw a portrait and we are reminded of how good she is in this medium. Recently the widow of veteran character actor Tommy Townsend asked Bonnie to draw a portrait of her late husband. You may remember seeing Townsend in such fims as Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Toys with Robin Williams, or Bugsy with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. And this is the result

Come See Bonnie at White Linen Night in the Heights

What began as a way to make refugees from Hurricane Katrina feel welcome in our city has blossomed into one of the most fun nights of the summer. For one night, the usually sleepy 19th. Street in the Heights transforms itself into a rocking street party. People from all over the city don white outfits and come out to enjoy gourmet food truck fare and cocktails while checking out hundreds of local artists whose booths line the street.

For the 3rd straight year Bonnie Blue will be on hand with a large variety of her handmade art pieces. Each a unique object d’arte. Come see her and pick up something for your home that will make you smile, or commission Bonnie to do something that is uniquely YOU!

When and Where: August 1, 2015 from 6:00 to 10:00 on 19th Street Street in the Heights

Come to the Naked Mermaid

You are invited to join Bonnie Blue this Saturday (July 11) at the GALVESTON ARTWALK! You can find Bonnie at The Naked Mermaid from 6-10 PM.The Naked Mermaid is at 2113 Post Office Street in the Strand (Map Below). Our Bonnie Blue will be the featured artist for the evening.

Bonnie will have a large selection of her Island Art for sale as well as a bunch of Mermaids.

While you are in Galveston you can pop up the street from The Naked Mermaid and check out Bonnie’s display at the newly remodeled  ART MARKET AT PEANUT BUTTER WAREHOUSE.

Art by Bonnie Blue at the Peanut butter Warehouse.

Oddly, this mermaid is not naked!

Set up and Ready to go at the Peanutbutter Warehouse

Bonnie Blue is “Set up and ready to go” at the Marketplace at the Peanutbutter Warehouse in the Strand on Galveston Island. When you visit the Island this summer be sure to stop by and check out Bonnie’s collection of one of a kind art pieces.The Marketplace at the Peanutbutter Warehouse reopened on July 1 and will remain open everyday this holiday weekend. It has remained closed ever since it sustained damage during Hurricane Ike in 2009. Now it’s finally back open to the public and Bonnie Blue has her booth stocked full of great one of a kind pieces. “It’s newly restored and looks wonderful” says Bonnie. After the big Independence Day holiday/Grand Opening week the Marketplace will return to it’s normal hours of Thursday through Monday. Look forward to seeing you at the Marketplace.

Bonnie Blue is in Driftwood Heaven

Bonnie returned from Galveston today with an entire truckload of Driftwood that she just can’t wait to turn into beautiful one of a kind art pieces. She’s got a lot of wood and she’s pricing it to move. Call her today to place your order, or come out to see her at the Marketplace at the Peanut Butter Warehouse opening on July 1. She will be there with lots of driftwood art along with many other great one of a kind pieces.

Sign Art at Cat Daddy's Kitchen

Check out Bonnie Blue’s Sign Art on display at Cat Daddy’s Kitchen in Crosby Texas.

Charley Bologna, the proprietor of Cat Daddy’s says she’s thrilled with the newest addition to the decor. She has it displayed in a prominent location in front of the kitchen.

Bonnie has a large selection of painted letters. Mix and match to create the perfect sign for home or business.

Bonnie Recognized by Hobby Area Management District

The Hobby Area Management District published a very flattering article this week about our own Bonnie Blue. “I love sharing outdoor art,” the article quotes Bonnie as saying, “When you travel around in an artcar, you’re sharing your art with the world. I have compassion for people who will never enter a gallery, but in an artcar, everybody who passes by you is getting to view art.”

House of Blue Open House

Mark Your Calendars. Bonnie Blue’s House of Blue Art House and Gallery are having an OPEN HOUSE!

The date is May 31 from 2 to 5 PM. Bonnie is still painting her house and this is your chance to participate. Come to the Open House and leave your painted handprint on Bonnie’s house. Help her squirt paint on a big empty wall. What Fun!

The address is:
4105 Colgate

Houston, TX 77087

We’re excited to meet you all !!! We’ll See You There!

Check out this huge selection of hand painted shoes. Come to the Gallery and take home a pair for only $30. Can you believe they are so inexpensive?

Receiving Praise on Facebook

It makes us happy when we get a good review for our products and services. Sometimes we get a review that makes us blush. Thank you to Maria Palacios for your wonderful words.

Maria is a self described “Goddess on Wheels and this is what she wrote about Bonnie Blue:

“Bonnie Blue Rocks! I mean, she really rocks. She gives rocks a face, a name, a soul. She turns rocks into the reflection of the people she paints, our smiles and our our frowns, the uniqueness of each one of us….she captures it beautifully. I have always said that Bonnie’s art gives women a voice. She speaks of our ability to laugh and our passionate powerful ways of loving life and living fully. These days, Bonnie’s Muse brings to life many other things besides rocks, from gorgeous boots and purses to personalized woman wine glasses and an extensive accessory of cool gadgets and art that explodes with woman power, humor and unmistakable love.”

I asked Maria for a photograph of her rock and to this she replied, “I share my personal rock with you. I have others if you like, but is my most treasured one. “

2015 Texas City Art Festival

2015 Texas City Art Festival

New Boots for Janet

New Boots for Janet

Bonnie Blue is the premier caricature artist in the Houston area. She also works in a wide variety of other mediums, including items of clothing. One of her most popular items are painted boots.

Bonnie leaves a trail of satisfied customers in her wake. She recently painted a pair of boots for Janet Haas who had this to say. “These Boots are made for walking! Thanks for the fabulous boots Bonnie!”

Bonnie leaves a trail of satisfied customers in her wake. She recently painted a pair of boots for Janet Haas who had this to say. “These Boots are made for walking! Thanks for the fabulous boots Bonnie!”

Bonnie Blue Paints... Caricatures on Paper

New Signs!!!

Here’s some exciting news, Bonnie Blue has transformed her home into a work of art. She has painted whimsical murals on every exterior wall of her suburban home just south of Houston near Hobby Airport.

Bonnie says her house is open to the public by appointment. She has a gallery within and there are many pieces of Bonnie Blue original art on display. Much of it is for sale. To schedule an appointment call 713-649-6931.

The Rock Lady, Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue’s story begins with a little girl who has loved art her entire life. That little girl would grow up to be a woman who loves art so much it’s the only job she’s ever held and for over 30 years it has been her sole source of income.

“If there’s anything in a name, It would seem that being an artist was my destiny” says Bonnie Blue with a grin. “I was born Bonnie Green and when I married I become Mrs. Bonnie Blue.”

in 1978 Bonnie Blue opened Blue’s Restorations, a photo restoration service. Bonnie speaks with pride of her restoration work. “People would bring me their torn and wrinkled photos, or photos that had faded and I would hand them back a part of their heritage. It is very satisfying work.”

Bonnie Blue Restoration Service In 2001 Bonnie Blue’s art took off in a new direction. She was in the Texas Hill Country on vacation. While walking along the banks of the Blanco river she began to take notice of the river rocks. She likes to tell that “the inspiration almost knocked me over.” She started visualizing women’s faces on the rocks. “They were all funny to me because of all the unusual shapes of the rocks.” It was on that day, while walking along the river, visualizing and laughing that Women that Rock was born. She began collecting the odd shaped rocks. She would visualize a face to fit the shape, paint it on the rock, add a date and a name and offer it for sale in her shop. “My Women That Rock make people smile” says Bonnie Blue. Her new found passion for painting famous faces on oddly shaped river rocks quickly became a hit. Several galleries in Houston, Galveston, and surrounding areas started carrying them and they sold very well and they continue to sell well to this day. As of this writing Bonnie Blue has created and sold over 6,000 Women That Rock. The next year, in 2002 Bonnie Blue created the “Woman Rock Artcar.” The car is a mobile gallery stocked with merchandise which she takes from show to show plying her wares and painting caricatures on rocks for people all over the country. So far Bonnie and the Women Rock Artcar have visited 15 states “spreading smiles across the miles” as Bonnie Blue likes to say.
Women that Rock by Bonnie Blue The car is covered on all sides by large Styrofoam ‘Women That Rock,’ six in total. “I created it as a gallery to show my art and take it on the road and to bring honor to women everywhere I go.” Every two years Bonnie changes the faces. Through the years 36 different women have rocked the car including such celebrities as Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance (Ethyl Mertz), Dolly Parton, and Marilyn Monroe. [click here to see a complete gallery of faces]. in 2012 she eschewed the celebrities she had used in previous iterations instead focusing on women from all over the world wearing the traditional garb of their cultures. As Bonnie Blue’s Women That Rock business began to take off she started to expand into other mediums. “I started painting women’s faces on shoes, purses, boots, etc., and began selling those too.” In 2006 a new idea hit me. Instead of the crazy caricatures that had been my stock in trade, what if I began to paint actual people, real human beings, men, women, pets, kids on the rocks? This proved to be a tough sell and was slow going in the beginning. In an effort to spark her business Bonnie Blue painted a few caricatures of famous celebrities which she then sent to them. Mostly she got little to no response back. That is until April 17, 2007 when Ellen Degeneres showed her Rockin’ Caricature on the air. That little bit of publicity was just what it took to jump start her caricature business. “So many people saw that” says Bonnie Blue. Now days I am kept quite busy doing Rockin’ Caricatures at parties, and shows.” It’s the bulk of her business. She has painted over 8,000 real faces on rocks. In a twist of fate, now celebrities are coming to her. She has been honored to be asked to paint such celebrities as Bill Murray, Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee and Houston Mayor Annise Parker.
Houston Mayor Annise Parker with a Bonnie Blue Rockin’ Caricature Bonnie Blue is a folk artist with a reputation for painting on anything from clothing to car parts. Though you are still most likely to find her painting her Rockin’ Caricatures at parties, or shows, or festivals of all sorts around Houston and Galveston and beyond. “Art has always been and remains my greatest passion.”

Percy Peacock Shirt

Traders Village Artcar Show

This Sunday (Oct. 6) Bonnie Blue will be displaying her award winning artcar, the Women Rock artcar, at the 12th annual Traders Village artcar show.

Pet Rocks Available at Annette's Emporium

Fancy a picture of Tabby or Rover painted on a Texas river rock by renowned artist Bonnie Blue? Annette’s Emporium in the bedroom community of League City Texas just south of Houston has exactly what you need.

Join Bonnie at Artoberfest on Galveston Island

On October 19 and 20 Bonnie Blue will participate in ARToberFEST. This annual event, in it’s 16th year will feature over 125 artist besides Bonnie.

Bonnie to Appear at Antique Weekend in Warranton

Bonnie Blue will be showing her wares at the big Antique Weekend show in the central Texas towns of Round Top and Warrington. Bonnie will be located on Hwy 237 at Summerfeld Place Antiques which is right across the street from the Marburger Farm Antique Show with the Giant Muffler Man.

Remembering Art in the Park

In a case of gone, but not forgotten Bonnie Blue and her Women that Rock artcar has been featured in an article for an event she will not be participating in. This time last year Bonnie took her Women that Rock artcar to Artcarpalooza a fun new event in Marietta Georgia. The event attached itself to a larger event Art in the Park which has been going on for nearly 3 decades. Artcarpalooza has decided to take this year off to regroup, but that didn’t stop the Marietta Daily Journal from using a picture of Bonnie’s artcar in their article announcing

White Linen Night in the Heights

White Linen Night in the Heights is August 3 from 6 to 10 pm. Bonnie will be there selling her Metal and Texas art as well as a bunch of other goodies. Come out and see her. She’ll have a booth and the awesome Women That Rock artcar will be parked on 19th Street.

Getting Noticed by Another Artist

At this year’s Artcar Parade there was an artist there who loved Bonnie Blue’s artcar so much she had to paint it. The artist, Carolyn Hancock wrote about the experience on her own blog.

Visit Carolyn’s website.

Heart is Full of Art

One of Bonnie Blue’s most precious treasures. A rock she received from an high risk child she met at a Rockin’ Party.

Robert Joe, Rockin' Caricature Record Holder

This man’s name is Robert Joe. He holds the record for most Rockin’ Caricatures. Over the course of years from 2003 – 2013 he’s had his caricature painted 6 times.

Art of Women at TBH

Because Bonnie Blue believes that every woman is a work of art she has dedicated her artistic career to highlighting “Women that Rock.”