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About Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue is a caricature folk artist born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is best known for her unique art style, where she paints caricatures of people, animals and nature on rocks and stones. Her art is not only vibrant but also entertaining, as she uses her caricatures to tell stories and convey emotions. Bonnie Blue has been in the art scene for over a decade now, and her artworks can be seen in various museums and galleries around Houston. She also frequently takes part in local art exhibitions and fairs, where she showcases her art to a diverse audience.

Aside from rock paintings, Bonnie Blue is also a prominent figure in the Houston art car community. She drives her own art car, which is adorned with her signature caricatures and vibrant colors. Her art car is well-known in the city and is often featured in local events like parades and art festivals.

Bonnie Blue’s love for art can be traced back to her early childhood. She has always been passionate about painting and drawing, and her upbringing in Houston’s vibrant art scene has only fueled this passion. Her unique artistic style has won her many accolades and recognition from the local art community, making her one of the most prominent caricature folk artists in Houston.

Bonnie Wins a Major Artcar Award

For Bonnie winning the BBBMA is especially gratifying because it’s voted on by her artcar artist peers in the Houston Artcar Klub. Bonnie tells us she is “honored to win the award.” Showing her humility Bonnie goes on to say “I am so humbled to be able to have my name listed among all the great artcar artists that have gone before me.”